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The following items are TM of Fury Concepts Inc. and its parent company BreitCo Media.  All rights are reserved.
Meleeworld, World of Melee, Melee: Culture, Crafts and Combat, Melee: The Eternal Adventure, Melee: The Collectable Card Game, Melee 2099, Melee Faire and Gathering, The Trial of Fury, Sports Reenactment, The Kingdom of Praelia, Nicholshire, Fallsburn, the Melee Logo, Fury Concepts, The Fury Five, Alluvium, Altarius, The Shade Realm, Melee guy 2k2, Melee guy spear 2k3, Melee guy sword 2k3, Melee guy shield 2k3,  the Nicholshire Shield, the Praelian Shield, House of Woe, Hand of Fate, Melee guy logos, Disciples of Akhenaten, The Order of Beltaine, The Shamanistic Order of the Great Spirit, Brotherhood of Fire, Kult of Khaninis, Cabal of Total Domination, Trismegistus Order, The Order of Celestial Majesty, Nemea, The Griffins Gambit, Dunvegan, Mako's Frenzy, Triad, Clan Chattan,  The Claws of Ursa, The Chalice of Thought, The Scumdog Legion, The Minuet of Bones, Castile de Leon, Iron Hand Condatta, Doolin's Teeth, The Forsaken, The Hidden, Markham's Axe Clan, The Inquisition,  Danish Skull League, The Smugglers, The Scumdogs, The Ordo Arbitur, the Ruin of Roses, The City of Cormick, The Granite Spire and the Society of St Paul.
The following items were either created or inherited by Fury Concepts Inc. These items have been in use by many groups without defense for many years and have become generic in their reference. Due to their generic nature Fury Concepts Inc. hereby releases these items to the public domain and deems all claims to be null and void. Efforts to establish trademarks based upon these terms should be embellished upon in such a manner to prevent confusion with the public domain term. A good example of this would be: Melee: Culture, Crafts, Combat. A poor example would be: Official Craftsman. The terms are:
Temper's Guild
Noble Council
Doolin's Keep
Moto Mushi Mountain
Jacob's Ladder
Tale of Two Kingdoms
Narrow Pass
Highlander Gathering
Overnight Gathering
Chancellor of Armaments
Chancellor of Registries
Chancellor of Histories
Chancellor of Arbitration