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The Kingdom of Praelia is the result of a constant evolution of Sports Reenactment. Although organizations simular in concept do exist, the Kingdom of Praelia is somewhat unique in its outlook and goals. In 1983, a group of friends, inspired by roleplaying games and other living history groups, gathered together to form a club that would re-create the combative arts of the past. Calling themselves Melee, this group grew and adapted to new leaders, new ideas, and new goals. Since that time the group has undergone many transformations and changes, not only in style but also in organization. The groups grew, and found others like themselves in the world. Melee became such a generic and fractious term, that people eventually became confused with the organizations. Some groups were fantasy based, some strictly realistic; some groups focused on characters while others became more of a sport. The original 1983 group gradually evolved into a new form of society. Focusing on equal parts Living History and Sport, they dubbed the term "Sports Reenactment."

Today the Kingdom of Praelia is a diverse group of Living History enthusiasts and Sport atheletes. Becoming known as Melee: Culture, Crafts, and Combat, the Kingdom caters to people of all backgrounds. As an Educationally focused, Non-Profit Corporation actively seeking 501(c) Status, the Kingdom of Praelia serves every need of it's members.

Culture is expressed in the exploration of the arts and humanities of the world between the Ancient through Rennaissance eras. From 3000 BC to 1650 AD, a worldwide culture is available for discovery through Kingdom Sanctioned activies. Participants activley research historical personas which they adopt at events and endeavor to learn and teach about the cultural history by living the role of this persona.

Crafts are also very important to the members of the Kingdom. Artisans re-create the methods of the armourers, leather crafters, culinary masters, musicians, poets, and more crafts through the Guilds of the Kingdom. Through the application of their research, members are able to learn hands-on about crafting the arts and the sciences known by these cultures from history. Aside from the arts, Craftsmen also make many faux replicas of items, including realistic mock weaponry used in combat.

Combat is one of the most serious aspects of the organization to many. By utilizing safety crafted replica weapons, fighters can easily re-create the battles of the past. All weapons craftsmen must undergo a training period wherein they learn the proper safety proven methods of creating the equipment used in the full speed mock battles. Saftey is the prime concern, as all equipment, be it armor, shields or weapons, must be inspected prior to every event.

The Kingdom of Praelia is a wonderful place to learn a little about history, meet new people, and get some excercise. Sports Reenactment has proven to be a most valuable endeavor to many, who have learned much about their own herritage, and that of the world's rich cultural diversity. The Kingdom has formed many long lasting friendships, all the while fostering a spirit of community and personal growth. Everyone is welcome to come and join the experience that is Melee: Culture, Crafts and Combat.


The Crafts Guilds of the Arts if the Kingdom of Praelia are an outlet of creativity for the artisans of the land. Guilds ranging from the Weapon crafting to the Bardic Arts of theater can be found in many counties.

Kingdom-wide guilds have meetings and guildmasters in each local county. The Kingdom Guilds network with each other in an exchange of ideas and techniques. The goals of the Crafts Guilds are to promote learning of their arts, and developing a better looking, and more accurate society within the Kingdom.

Crafting contests and other fun events are held each season by various counties in order to show their crafts off. The best in the arts are given awards and recognition for their efforts. The highest honors include the Sable Anchor, given once per year on a County Level to the Craftsman who has shown superiority in crafting over the past year.


The Cultural Guilds of the Sciences are dedicated to the exploration of history and the humanities. The Kingdom's citizens study many areas, from heraldy and theology to the role of women in history.

Kingdom-wide guilds have membership in many counties, and local guildmasters that compare research and activity with the other guild chapters. Aside from simply learning more about history, these guilds attempt to both educate their surroundings, and learn more about thier own past.

Treatises and other works of literature are often gathered by the scholars in these guilds. This work is compiled, and may appear in books and periodicals throughout the Kingdom. The overall improvement of our understanding of the worldwide cultural experience is the goal of these Guilds.


The Combative Arts within the Kingdom are the most popular events to take place. From the individual tournaments to multi sided wars, the Citizens of the Kingdom have battles for any taste.

The forms of combat within the Kingdom vary from the highly popular Melee Proper, to the fully armored Brusque Melee. Other arts such as wrestling and archery are also practiced among combative guilds.


A multitude of awards and honors await those who hone their skills in the combat arenas. Championships await solo fighters who strive to be the best of their style. Factions seek out the coveted Faction Pennants, and the Faction of the Year award. In the Melee Faction Olympics, athletes compete in Olympic styled events to gain Laurels and the status of Olympic Champion for both their Faction and themselves. There is something for every taste in the Kingdom of Praelia Combative Arts.


Fantasy Role Playing events

  For those times when we want to relax and enjoy a good fantasy, we have the Scenario. Fantasy Melee Scenarios are events that may incorporate elements of the Fantasy world into the world of Melee. The Book of Scenarios has many rules for Melee Live Action Role Playing, including the use of Monsters, Magic and special Races. The Fantasy elements are strictly for fun, and do not crossover into the Historical world of everyday Melee Proper.

  Scenarios are the fanciful events in which the combatants face off against creatures of myth and legend, as well as exploring a world of Fantasy Melee. Players in Scenarios are able to use rules not available in everyday Melee Proper, and enjoy a Fantasy live action role playing Melee. Scenarios are stories, told by the players who act out the parts. Like Melee Proper, the players role play and combat each other, however more emphasis is placed on social interaction and role-playing rather than simply constant combat. Players may find themselves in a long debate with the Nobles of a town while on trial with the locals over a stolen cow, or proving their skills in a contest of the arts before a strange traveler. Still combat is very much a part of the Scenario, and oftentimes a battle is called for, as the local burgomaster summons all adventurers to save his daughter from the rampaging hoards of Goblins. In more exotic Scenarios, two opposing Wizard Orders may ask for help in defeating their rival.

  In a Scenario, players get to become adventurers, solve puzzles, and interact with other players. Adventuring parties may upgrade to Wizards, Elves, Orcs and much more. Players may join secret Guilds, go on Quests, and slay monsters. The more prestige an Adventurer gains is determined by the number of kills, completed quests, and other criteria determined in the Scenario itself. These Prestige Ranks are used to earn classes and benefits to the Adventurer that are recognized throughout the World of Melee in Scenarios.