Eric Breitenbach
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Welcome to BreitCo.  We are a group of media lovers, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma with worlds of entertainment for you.  We are awesome... and humble too!


About BreitCo

BreitCo, the Breitenbach Company, was founded in 1995 by Eric Breitenbach when he was a sophomore at Tulsa Central High School.  At that time 'BreitCo Publishing' was a small desktop publishing endeavor.  The idea back then was simply to provide business cards, event fliers, resumes and the like to his fellow high school students.  The ultimate goal was to publish books and comics further down the line.  Some ideas for music, photography and video were explored - even working with the band Talon - but these were never as successful at the moment.

In 1997, after graduation, Eric worked together with high school friend Jay Hancock, Bill Serzy and Frank Friedl to expand into photography.  Receiving a contact at Tulsa University, 'BreitCo Publishing' became 'BreitCo Publications' as they expanded into Party Pics at the Fraternity and Sorority functions and other university events as well as other photography for local businesses.   Weddings, neighborhood calendars and corporate picnics were among the events they worked with during this time. 

At the event "EdgeFest 97" BreitCo's booth started out as just a photo booth for those attending the concert.  Jay and Bill brought along some foam swords for fun and soon demand rose from the crowd to spar with mock sword fighting.  Creating a raffle on the fly, concert patrons would spar with one of the BreitCo staff with the foam swords.  The person with the most wins at the end of the show would get to keep a sword.  Before they knew it, the staff at EdgeFest came over to see what was happening, informing BreitCo that it was drawing a crowd that was second only to the stage.  The next day, Bill formed the first child company Fury Concepts.  Fury's purpose was to entertain by way of mock combative arts.

Fury Concepts took off later in 2000 as the local group of foam fighters was in need of leadership.  Eric and Bill worked with the group to promote and codify the first set of rules for Meleeworld.  For the next ten years, Fury Concepts would revolutionize the foam sparing group, coining the term Sports Reenactment.  They would tour the local renaissance fairs and offer the Trial of Fury, a much improved version of the sparing game started at EdgeFest 97.  Derek Overturf and Ray Jones joined the team at this time bringing their special skill sets to the table.  BreitCo published the rule books for Meleeworld and did the promotions for the group. 

2005 saw the formation of Planet Zunis Productions.  Eric,  Jeremy Wentworth and David Jindra sat down and wrote and filmed the first direct to DVD movie from a BreitCo company.  The Evil of Dr. Schwergwerfer saw the fulfilment of the video goals from way back.  Working on other projects over the years, Planet Zunis evolved into the video divison of BreitCo. 

In 2011, BreitCo stepped forward again, forming the Cosplay, Makeup and FX fabrication company that would become All Genres Cosplay and FX.  The makeup and special effects company is working to provide props for Halloween projects, film projects and normal everyday needs.   

Today Breitco has re-branded as "BreitCo Media" or simply BreitCo.  Not simply publishing or publications, the company is interested in promotion and creation of all forms of media.  Though they are still a small group, they have big things in the works.  With Fury Concepts and Planet Zunis Productions and All Genres Cosplay and FX to help, BreitCo is striving to provide people with entertainment and services that may seem out of reach for them alone, all the while having a great deal of fun with it.