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World of Death is here!

World of Death is an anthology that we are very proud to be a part of.

March 16th, our episode airs.  Until then Friends and Neighbors, click the logo to watch the other episodes!

Check out Planet Zunis Movies to the right for more from us!

Please, enjoy the fright! 


World of Death and Planet Zunis Film plans

Planet Zunis wants to start filming again soon.  Our team has several scripts that would make excellent shorts. We just need a crew to start filming.  Contact us for information if you are interested.  

Also mark you callendars for March 16th when our episode of World of Death airs on!  It is going to be a wonderful time for sure!


So long 2016

So here we are in 2017 Friends and Neighbors.  What has happened?  Way too much to get into here at the moment.  The turmoil of 2015 was nothing compared to the absolute chaos of 2016.  It was the year that everything changed.  I assure you, things are going to move forward in a better direction from here on out.   

So where do we go from here?  

Planet Zunis Productions' contribution to the World of Death series will air on 3/16 this year!  

All Genres Cosplay and FX is the new rebrand of our FX company.  Hope to see some new things coming from there soon. has grown well, quite happy with the direction it is going.  

More will happen soon, you will get a front seat right here.




2015 - The Year of Restructuring 

Hello there Friends and Neighbors, been a while on here hasn't it.  

I am here to tell you that we are all doing well in the Zunis Sector and haven't forgotten you.  Admittedly we have been spending a large amount our focus on other projects, primarily the expansion of the Meleeworld properties.  But more on that in a moment. 

BreitCo Publications has officially changed to BreitCo Media in all departments, although astute readers will know that this has been coming for a while.  Our new focus is no longer simply on publications - as we moved from publishing once before. Henceforth we will offer our services across all media and build our sister brands around this new philosophy.

Planet Zunis has been quiet lately, but far from ignored completely.  Several scripts are in revisions for production, and it is our hope to have these filmed by the summer.  Additionally, distribution negotiations are finally wrapping up with our friends at World of Death and we should be seeing this launch very soon.

Leetamoon FX made great strides this year.  Through some trial and error we successfully created our first busts and made strides in our tailoring, makeup and fabrications.  The greatest efforts this year came at the 2nd Annual Krampus walk in Tulsa, wherein our own Ray Jones was fully formed into the Christmas demon - complete with four-inch hooves!

In the Meleeworld, we saw the release of the Year of the Scenario.  My what a year it was.  Faction Book Valeeria, the Book of Scenarios second edition, the Arbitrator's Compendium, the Arbitrator's Screen and the Melee Live Action Role Playing manuals were all launched.  At Tokyo in Tulsa, the first ever Melee LARP was held with great success.

Overall this has been a great year with a bit of streamlining to improve the way things run around here.  We look forward to a most excellent 2016 and can't wait to share it all with you!





2015 Year in Review

What do we have to say about this year?  

Quite a bit.  

Stay tuned for a legendary year in review!