Eric Breitenbach
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About Eric Breitenbach

"I am a super hero.  While I don't wear tights and run around fighting the criminals, I have a power.  I can make things work."  ~Eric Breitenbach

Eric Breitenbach is the one that people come to when they have a problem.  He solve issues.  Eric has always strived to bring excellence to his work.  The creation of BreitCo in 1995 started him down the path that has led to many opportunities to feed his voracious need for challenges and discovery.   As a student at Oklahoma State University, having completed a journalism degree at Tulsa Community College, Eric is nearing completion of two degrees; one in strategic communications and the other in American studies.   

Leadership is a position that Eric is quite familiar with.  While he is indeed apt at solving problems and accomplishing great things on his own, he is a recognized asset to any team or group.  

For ten years Eric was the head of a volunteer youth sports reenactment organization.  He utilized this position to not only continue what was already a community service in offering athletic activities for people of all ages, but took the whole paradigm a step further and instituted a major focus on historical learning and education within the group.   

Film grew out of his journalism days in high school.  From the early work on the 'Braves Video Bulletin' and his first short film "Braves Bond,"  Eric has always had a fondness for working with movies and TV.  BreitCo, starting as a simple printing company soon adopted new aspects of film and media.  Eric has written or directed several short films and worked on many more.   Currently he is working on the web series for "Tales to Astonish."    

In his spare time, Eric loves to watch movies, television and other films online.  Painting is a particularly important hobby of his.  Eric models and paints miniatures, some of which can be seen on this site.  He also is an avid photographer and home improvement dabbler.