Eric Breitenbach
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The People of BreitCo

 Eric Breitenbach

Chief of Operations

Eric organizes the teams and oversees all divisions of BreitCo.  He has directed most of the films, is a writer of both film and print projects and does promotions work for clients. 



Ray Jones

Chief Research Officer

Ray works to prepare background information on projects.  He is also one of the lead actors for Planet Zunis Productions and a set/prop designer.  Ray additionally writes for print and film projects.



Dave Jindra


Office Manager

Dave works in the office at BreitCo and is also one of the leading actors. 


Bill Serzy


Bill writes scripts and print projects. 


 Jay Hancock

Special Project Coordinator

Jay works on special projects with BreitCo, arranging music and relations with the musicians and artists.


 Derek Overturf

Chief of Business Opportunities

Derek works to seek out potential new business and clients for BreitCo.  His work includes location scouting and business relations.  Additionally, Derek is a production assistant and assistant director at Planet Zunis Productions.



Jeremy Wentworth

Chief Technical Officer

Jeremy is the producer of most Planet Zunis Productions and the technical advisor to BreitCo.