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More makeup photos from Leetamoon FX

Derek Overturf is made to match the skin tone of his costar Ray Jones for this mind bending scene in "The Killer Trip."   Overturf plays the doppleganger to Jones's monk character in the upcoming halloween short.


Ninja vs monk?

Hey their friends and neighbors. Today we did a shoot with the fabulous Ray Jones and Derek Overturf.
See them this October in "The Killer Trip."


Haunted highways 

Boo Friends and Neighbors. We at BreitCo have often been interested in the supernatural. Some of us even have experiences that we can not really explain. Every city and every state has their own strange tales. So we ask you...
What is your local strange story or phenomenon? Let us know!


Seeking artists

Hey there Friends and Neighbors!

We are looking for some artists to feature on our "Tales to Astonish: The Series" show.  

We are also looking for some artists to illustrate for our publishing lines. 

If you are interested or know anyone who is, please drop us a line!

Thank you,





Hello Friends and Neighbors,

The keyboards are all a clutter with new stories being written.  Several new scripts have been penned and are going to be shot as soon as we get a cast together for them.

Among the tales we have:

The Bet: Three men wager on what type of load they will find when they break into a house.

Initiation Night: Terror comes to a group of students when they are undergoing their fraternal hazing.

Therapy:  Not everyone is okay with the past... is there room for anyone to grow beyond their past?

The Bar: What happens when a man comes across a bar that has no beer?

The Cremation: Strange thing happen in the land of the midnight sun.


We will keep you up to date with these and all of our films as they come into production.

As always,

Be Excellent to Each Other.