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Autumn is here!

Happy times Friends and Neighbors. We at BreitCo have survived the heat of the summer and are ready to join with you all in the awesomeness that is Autumn.
Some cool things are in the works this fall. Our Meleeworld lines are going launching four new supplements at the Wizard World Comic Con, the long awaited "Tales to Astonish" will be debuting its first episode and rumor has it there will be a Krampus Walk in the works!
Good times for everyone!



Our sister site, is featuring all of the Kingdom of Praelia line of books. Melee: The Eternal Adventure, Melee: Culture Crafts Combat and the board game Melee: Lords of the Land are all available.
Additionally a line of melee gear, from shirts to drink ware all in the MeleeStore.


The Lords of the Land

Our newest game is ready to be revealed Friends and Neighbors. For a few weeks we have teased about Melee: Lords of the Land. Today we officially announce this addition to the Meleeworld family.
The first board game, Lords of the Land brings the action of the field down the the table in a quick paced game of territory domination.
As a introduction to the world of Melee, Lords of the Land is easy to pick up and play right out of the box. From seasoned veterans to newcomers to Meleeworld, everyone can find fun within.
Melee: Lords of the Land joins Melee:The Eternal Adventure the Tabletop game and Melee: Culture, Crafts and Combat the Live Action Sports Reenactment game in the Meleeworld of games.


Melee: Lords of the Land

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